Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cedar Park Basketball - 12-27-11

12-27-11 - All the Scholten's. Gienger's, Crabtree's and friends were in the stands as the "Eagle's" took on the Nooksack Valley Pioneers. The first halve was close all the way and at halve-time Nooksack lead by a score of 26-24. Nooksack was the hotter of the two teams, our only positive was that Nooksack wasn't getting as many shots.

The second halve started with Nooksack really starting out hot and think they only missed two shots in the third quarter. We were behind by about 13 points when we started the 4th quarters and all us fans were saying they have to start a fast run. Well, the boys must of listened as we tightened up and defense, move court press and started hitting the 3's, Evan hit a couple and Scottie our point guard hit some and before we know it the score is like 54-53 and Cedar Park is ahead. Then to finish out the game we made some free throws and final score is 58-53. "GO EAGLES" . They needed this win really bad and now are waiting for the EAGLES FROM FERNDALE TO SHOW UP.

Tonight at 7:30 we play Ferndale.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cedar Park Christian School !

Posted by PicasaThis is our grandson Evan #32. He is a very nice
young man and stands 6'6" tall and is turning into
a great basketball player.

Friday, December 23, 2011

We have been going in Circles!!

12-23-11 - Well christmas is just around the corner. We have been busy since arriving home on the 10th. There has been yard work to do and still not done completely. Then had to put up lights on the outside of house and yard. Then Ione had to but up inside decorations, including the christmas tree. All those things are done and we have all the presents under the tree, Ione is busy today baking, cooking food for our first get togehter which is tomorrow morning.

Our two daughters and family will be arriving for a brunch. After our tummies are full it will be time to open gifts. Wow! We are so blessed to be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus on Christmas Day.

Arrived Home 12-10-11

12-10-11 - We flew from Phoenix, AZ to Bellingham, WA. The first leg was good until we got a hundred miles south of Seattle and the fog settled in or should I say it was below us as we flew north. It was a strange situation aas we could see the mt. tops sticking out of the fog.

Then as we cirlcced Seattle and came in for a landing, thought the fog would lift as we got closer to the grund, wrong as we came to the runway the fog was only a few ft off the ground. We had never seen flog so thick. Had a two hour laayover and couldn't even see planes leaving just the noise. Then in about an hour it starting leaving and when we boarded our plane for Bellingham, had a great trip with sun and a beautiful view as we follewed the shore line north. Made it to Bellingham without a hitch.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flying off tomorrow!!

12-08-11 - Well it was a good day here at Happy Trails with sunshine and a high of about 55 degrees. We finished doing our packing and also our Neighbor Janet showed up with her friend, Arlene. She hasn't bee here for two and a halve years due to some health issues.

We leave at 5 AM with the Sun City Express and head to Sky Harbor to catch our flight with Alaska Air. Hopefully will be a good flight and will be arriving in Bellingham about 12:30 tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wow! It sure is cold!

12-06-11 - We are counting down and will be flying out of Phoenix on Friday the 9th of Dec. at 7:10 AM. We will have Sun City Express pick us up from the motor home and deliver us to the airport. Not used to getting up this early, but I guess we will manage

Have been getting some Christmas shopping done and will pack things in to take home. There will only be about 16 days left before Christmas when we arrive home. So there will be lots of things to do, decorating the house, outside lights, shrub pruning, etc. Then there will also be lots of basketball to watch.

Have been getting lots of snow in Flagstaff which is about 100 miles north of here. Our temps have really dropped and high today was only about 55 degrees. Well I guess we have to remember today is Dec. 6th and it is winter.